Diesel loco event recorder with auto stop function RPDAUT-T

Diesel loco event recorder with auto stop function RPDAUT-T

The system is used for automatic control of train brakes to avoid exceeding allowed speeds as well as for recording loco parameters. Also it can give visual and sound warning messages to loco crew. RPDAUT-T is successfully operating on TEM-2 locos in Guinean tropical climate conditions and can be easily adopted to any other shunting diesel loco.

The main system features:

  • Friendly HMI (driver – system interface);
  • Measuring loco GPS position;
  • Control of air brakes of loco and train. This function means applying air brakes if it necessary to reduce train speed according to speed limits map and train GPS position;
  • Recording loco parameters, measures by data acquisition system and proceeded by system CPU, into removable flash memory cartridge. Data contains: GPS loco coordinates, fuel quantity, loco operation parameters.

System functions:

  • System automatically applies air brake to reduce train speed or to stop the train if necessary. The loco driver releases brakes manually;
  • Driver can input necessary info by keyboard or from flash-drive (cartridge): train number, quantity of cars in the train, position and value of temporary speed limits etc.;
  • System calculates recommended driving regimes and indicates them on system display for loco driver.

  • System playbacks sound warning messages;
  • System measures loco position with ±15 accuracy due to GPS receiver and automatic and manual correction of position value;
  • Air brake control equipment contains self-diagnostics function which provides periodical test. The result of this tests indicates automatically on any failure or manual by driver request;
  • System contains GPRS module for wireless data exchange and – GPS/GLONASS module for global positioning functions.

Indicator module CPU module Air brake control module Speed sensor L 178

RPDAUT-T contains:

  • indicator module;
  • CPU module;
  • event recorder module;
  • GSM/ GPS module;
  • module for high-voltage measurement;
  • flash-drive (cartridge);
  • keyboard;
  • power supply module;
  • data acquisition module;
  • sensors galvanic isolation module;
  • air brake control module;
  • speed sensor L 178.

Sample of loco trip on local map:

Red line on the graphics means using fuel not for train operation (fuel steeling) and loco position.