Autopilot system for passenger electrical locomotive USAVP-P

Autopilot system for passenger electrical locomotive USAVP-P

Autopilot system for passenger electrical train USAVP is designed for automatic control of traction and brake modes of passenger electrical trains including series of ChS2, ChS2k, ChS2t, ChS4t, ChS6, ChS7, ChS8, ChS200, EP1M, EP2k, EP20, KZ4AT.

The train control provides according to optimal power consumption  regimes  and  accurate execution of train schedule.

Autopilot improves operational safety and makes drivers’ work easier.

USAVP-P functions

Autopilot provides following functions:

1. Real-time energy saving mode calculation and automatic control of traction and all brake types for realizing those modes.

2. Measuring of:

  • Pressures in pneumatic brake system,
  • Currents in traction motors circuits.
  • Train heating current.
  • Locomotive current.
  • Locomotive speed.

3. User (driver) interface by system display and keyboard, including input train information and necessary adjustment for traction and brakes.

4. Measuring and processing cabin traffic light and skid relay signals.

5. Quick change of control algorithm on safety switches response.

6. Generation of necessary visual and verbal information for locomotive crew.


Features of USAVP-P operation

USAVP-P algorithm is based on real-time energy saving mode calculation. That calculation can consider all existing speed limits both permanent and temporary as well as traffic light signals and schedule changes. In contrast to other systems USAVP-P can not only realize calculated or driver set speed but it can provide all time calculation of optimum speed to minimize power consumption and also to fulfill the schedule with 1 minute accuracy.

All necessary data for USAVP-P system operation including schedule changes and temporary speed limits parameters can be inputted automatically by flash-drive of event recorder subsystem (so called “RPDA-P cartridge”).

Application effect components

  • System makes locomotive driver’s work much easier so that increases safety and productivity of labor,
  • USAVP-P reduces power consumption for train driving for 5 – 15% due to rational driving modes and exact schedule realization,
  • Automatic locomotive equipment tests as well as automatic system tests give more reliability.
  • Automatic control of locomotive traction and brakes reduces inter-train forces.

System ensures execution of all necessary speed regimes according to traffic lights, speed limits, railway rules and instruction. Also system provides train stop at the red traffic light according to relevant instructions of JSC “RZD”.

Technical specifications


Parameter name

Direct current locomotives

Alternating current locomotives

System interface

CAN 2.Ob/250 Kbaud

Network protocol

CAN Open

Central processor


Modules controller

MC9S12DG128/25 mG

Alphanumeric or color graphic display

8x20 signs

or 640X480 points

Amount of high current digital output control



Amount of digital inputs



Amount of analog-digital conversion



Consumed power

100 Vt

180 Vt


95 kg

185 kg