Autopilot system for diesel locomotives USAVP-T

Autopilot system for diesel locomotives USAVP-T

Autopilot system for passenger diesel train USAVP-T is designed for automatic control of traction and all type of brakes diesel trains. The train control is providing according to optimal power consumption regimes and accurate execution of trains’ schedule, also it automatically executes all speed regimes of speed limits and traffic light signals.

Build-in event recorder RPDA-T realizes measurement and record on special flashdrive (“RPDA cartridge”) information about locomotive operation, movement modes and fuel consumption.

Operation features of USAVP-T system

System provides:

  • fuel economy automatic locomotive control according to train schedule,
  • train speed measuring,
  • calculation the rest of time to the next schedule station,
  • all speed regimes execution, including speed limits and traffic light speed realization,
  • choice of notch which is appropriate for calculated speed,
  • train acceleration to necessary speed,
  • keeping calculated speed in pre-defined gaps,
  • stop the train at the restricted (Red) traffic light by use of pneumatic brakes, also automatic execution of speed limits and other traffic light speed,
  • reaction on skidding relay on signal, including reduce of traction and sand giving, also restore of notch before skidding,
  • definition the exact train position on the route,
  • record of locomotive and control parameters on flash-drive (“RPDA cartridge”),

System informs driver about:

  • The value of the estimated speed with an accuracy of + - 1 km /h;
  • The value of the actual speed of the train with an accuracy of + - 1 km/h; 
  • time remaining to the scheduled station with an accuracy of +-10s;
  • The remaining distance to the control station with an accuracy of 100m (or 1 piquet);
  • The value of the velocity and coordinates of the beginning of the nearest temporary speed limit with an accuracy of 100 m;
  • Notch position in the traction mode or electrodynamic brake, or the state of pneumatic or electropneumatic brake; also type of used brakes;
    In addition, the driver receives the following information:
  • Astronomical time increment 1c.
  • actual route section name or/and identification number;
  • location of a train (km, piquet);
  • maximum allowed notch;
  • Deviation from the schedule.

Open system architecture and common data bus allow adding more functionality by use of optional subsystems: GPS satellite navigation, GSM/GPRS data exchange etc. Real-time system monitoring by special software and system display allows driver to improve quality of control. USAVP-T not only controls the train but also records all driving regimes and locomotive parameters including fuel level and generator’s data.

Application effect components:

  • Reduction fuel consumption at least at 5% against manual driving,
  • Reduction of operational cost by increasing of reliability of locomotive equipment due to real-time diagnostics,
  • Reduction of service cost due to comprehensive real-time diagnostics that allows to make service routines in time,
  • Reduction of payments for locomotive crews due to improving their psico-phisiologcal state which reduces illness quantity,
  • Improvement of train control safety,
  • System gives an opportunity to drive a train without a driver assistant.

System consists

  • Integrated CPU and display (2 pieces),
  • Data measurement and control unit (2 different types, one unit of each type),
  • High-voltage measurement unit,
  • Diagnostics unit,
  • Analog measurement input unit,
  • Power supply unit,
  • Event recorder (2 pieces),
  • Flash-derive for event recorder,
  • Fuel-level sensor with temperature compensation,
  • Pressure and temperature sensors set,
  • Equipment for pneumatic brake control,
  • Cables, wires etc.



Technical specifications
Power-supply voltage 110 V
Deviation range from nominal value 35В to 140V
Сolor graphic display TFT
Network software CAN open
Channels of information exchange, quantity 2
Consumed power, maximum 150Wт
Mass, maximum 80 kg