Autopilot system for local electrical trains USAVP

Autopilot system for local electrical trains USAVP

Automatic local train driving system USAVP is designed to provide automatic control of traction mode and braking mode of direct and alternating current local electrical trains. It can carry out traffic schedule with high precision ensuring optimal power consumption for traction and makes the work of train driver easier. The USAVP system is made on the basis of microprocessor technologies and represents hardware-software complex, providing automatic handling of trains.

Autopilot system for local trains implements the following functions

  • Automatic control of train with the use of mathematically grounded energy-saving algorithm that considers track profile, permanent and temporary speed limits, track objects requiring special driving mode.
  • Braking-up under prohibiting and requiring-to-speed-limit traffic lights with the accuracy of 50m, as well as braking-up to comply with permanent and temporary speed limits.
  • Public announcements in trains about stops and route in automatic mode.
  • “Adviser” mode, when the train is controlled by the driver.
  • “Autopilot” mode implemented in the system delivers the driver from the routine related to electrical train control. Driver just has to check the train position and to brake-up to aimed stop at a platform (stopping points).In addition to that the system generates voice messages regarding the approaching track objects, speed limits and changes in color traffic light signal.
  • Automated work place of data preparation allows to calculate energy- optimal movement trajectory of train for controlling board system of automatic control, as well as to correct this system in case of amendments in the schedule.

Technical novelty of automatic control systems for electrical trains is confirmed by patents and certificates of software registration.



Technical specification

Power supply voltage

+50 or +110 V


minimum 75 W

Central processor

300 MHz

External Flash-memory

64 Мб

Total mass of system (tool kit including)

38,4 kg

Application effect components

  • Power consumption is reduced from 2 to 10% (depends on train operation conditions).
  • Safety level increases.
  • Information supports the driver in the night and morning hours as well as in a poor visibility conditions (snow, rain, fog).
  • System reduces the negative effect of complicated train situations which are making worse psycho-physiologic state of engine driver.
  • System reduces the time to adopt engine driver to new train type and the time of mastering of energy-optimal modes of train control by inexperienced drivers.
  • Quality of passenger service is increased due to compliance of the schedule and guaranteed announcement of halt platform names and other public information.