Driver assistant system DAS

Driver assistant system DAS

The DAS system is designed to provide information support for the technology of driving freight trains on a schedule, to automate the process of recording the working time by the locomotive drivers and energy consumption by the locomotive.

The main benefits are:

  • reduction of energy consumption for traction of trains up to 4% when the driver fulfills the recommendations of the DAS system;
  • facilitate to reduction of time and financial outlay due to automation of the process and increase of labor productivity on the account of the driver's routes and analysis of trips by the involved employees;
  • increase the traffic-capacity of line by following trains in a uniform train traffic flow through firm-time slot, increasing the rate of the service speed;
  • support of the technology for the rapid reconstruction of the schedule of freight trains;
  • providing information support for decision-making by locomotive crews in difficult onboard situations, especially at night and in the morning, in bad weather conditions (snow, rain, fog), on a complex profile, with activation of attention in the form of voice messages and display the train location on a graphic display;
  • increase the level of traffic safety.

The main goals of the system are:

1. Providing to the locomotive drivers with textual, graphic and audio information which necessary for making decisions to manage the train in the rational modes;

2. Receiving the information via wireless GSM channels:

  • timetable of freight trains;

  • train information and locomotive driver’s data;

  • onboard database;

  • permanent speed restriction;

  • dynamic reorganization of the train schedule.


3. Registration and transmission via wireless GSM channels the journey log to the information office server:

  • energy consumption;

  • actual execution of the timetable;

  • actual time absent of the locomotive crew.

4. Cryptographic protection of transmitted information via wireless GSM channels;

5. Commercial accounting of energy consumption and regeneration by locomotives with accuracy class 0.5S in accordance with GOST 31819.22- 2012.