Universal fire-security alarm complex KUPOL-S-PT

Universal fire-security alarm complex KUPOL-S-PT

The universal fire-security alarm complex (alarm and fire-fighting) KUPOL-S-PT  is designed  for installation on brand new and renovated diesel and electric locomotives.

The complex supports:

  • Automatic search of fire point in controlled areas of locomotive in case of temperature increase, appear of smoke and fire;
  • Manual (in case of locomotive crew presence) and automatic (while layover of locomotive) fire-fighting
  • Automatic search of entering unauthorized persons into locomotive while layover and control of nTohne-acpopmropvleedxoppeernfinogrmofsr:emote controller (RC).

The complex performs:

  • Early detection search of fire in the locomotive and informing the locomotive crew and depot about the situation by set of unified messages via radio channel;
  • message contains locomotive type and number, section number and the room where fire occurred;
  • Control of non-approved entrance in locomotive;
  • Monitors such parameters as fire detection, security alarm, loco accumulator state, with providing, the voice announcement about any kind of fault to locomotive crew or to the depot duty via radio channel by train radio station while layover of locomotive;
  • Starts of the fire-fighting system for appropriate place of fire (so called zones - rooms of he locomotive, spitted by doors), up to 5 zones of fire-fighting is supported;
  • Starts up to 18 generators of the fire-fighting system;
  • Starts up of the fire-fighting system from removed start stations, located on the outside of locomotive with ability of fire-fighting by zones;
  • Automatic identification of fault (break and short-circuit) in the system cabling;
  • Data recording and storage in nonvolatile memory (“black box”) – more than 30 000 latest signals;
  • Operating with multiple-unit locomotives;
  • In case of two and more locomotive sections system operates from any section, both from master and slave section.;
  • Communication with systems event recorder (RPDA-T) and TCMS systems of the locomotive via CAN interface.


Transferring the information on server

Climatic effects resistance:

  • Low temperature range – minus 50°С;
  • High temperature range – plus 60 °С;
  • Level of protection IP54;

Electricity supply of complex from:

  • On-board power line of locomotive with nominate voltage 50V, 75V or 110V;
  • Own battery pack, included in complex with nominate voltage 50, 75 or 110V (reserved battery pack)

Power demand:

  • In standby mode 18 W;
  • In notification transferring mode 40W (without power consumed by radio station)

Components of KUPOL-S-PT complex:



Remote control of aerosol fire-fighting
Fire-alarm unit
Reserved battery pack
Heat alarm annunciator
Combined alarm annunciator

Flame alarm annunciator
Alarm and fire-fighting signal device
Magneto controllable sensor
Heat Trace
Generator of fire-fighting aerosol

Indication panel