Automatic locomotive diesel start-stop system SAZDT

Automatic locomotive diesel start-stop system SAZDT

Automatic locomotive diesel start-stop system SAZDT created for control the acceptable level of temperature of heat carriers (cooling liquid and oil) of locomotive diesel while it’s long parking, as well as for providing the ensure start of the locomotive diesel in low temperature environment conditions.

The system can be used for all series of shunting and mainline diesel locomotives, as well as to be a part of universal autopilot system, which excludes doubling of similar units and sensors.

Operation features

The system includes the complex of hardware and software features, installed on the locomotive. In the System of self heating of locomotive are used condensers – molecular storages of energy of the capacitive type. Condensers, in parallel connection, are the additional to standard accumulators powerful source of starting current. Starting of the diesel is provided by 20% decreasing of accumulator battery voltage.

At the outside temperature +10…-40°С it provides:

  • Automatic starts the diesel at the temperature of cooling liquid lower than +35°С;
  • Automatic stops the diesel at the temperature of cooling liquid higher than +60 °С.


  • automatic warming up of heat carrier in the cooling and oil systems of the locomotive by automatic start/stop of the diesel;
  • providing the reliable start of diesel in condition of low outside temperatures using special high capacity condensers
  • GPRS data transfer to the customer’s server;
  • measuring the GPS coordinates of the locomotive;
  • ability of integration with autopilot system (UASAVP-T, event recorder (RPDA-T, RPDA-TM) by CAN bus.

Application effect components:

  • up to 15% saving of total fuel consumption;
  • saving of engine oil consumption;
  • decrease of emission of foul gas.

Controlled parameters

  • Water (coolant) temperature on the exit from diesel;
  • Water (coolant) temperature on the exit from sections of cooling radiator;
  • Diesel oil temperature;
  • Outside air temperature;
  • Locomotive battery voltage;
  • System condition;
  • Geographic coordinates of locomotive location;
  • Diesel mode;
  • System working time;
  • Charge and discharge of condensers.

Architecture and components of SAZDT system

Technical specifications  
Parameter name                   Power-supply voltage 
75V 110V
Number of condensers, units 1 1   
Nominate charge voltage, V 75 110
Breaking charge voltage, V 85 125
Electrical capacity, F 25 9
Condenser charging rate, А 50-200 50-200
Start up current, А 500-2000 500-2000