Universal loco control system

Universal loco control system

Universal loco control system is suitable for all types of locomotives: passenger and freight, intercity and local.

Equipment of universal loco control system consists of driver’s desk, autopilot system, and complex diagnostics system and event recorder.

Driver’s desk was designed taking into account notes of real drivers; it provides maximum comfort of loco control. The same loco control manipulators and visual information content for different type of locomotives reduces driver education time for changing one loco type to another. Friendly HMI allows simplifying driver’s work by reducing the different information for memorizing.

Traction and brake control subsystem based on microcontrollers network allows to correct wrong driver activity, which can cause damages and dangerous situations.

Autopilot system provides schedule execution with great accuracy reducing power/ fuel consumption for traction. All calculation are made in real time taking into account real train parameters (length, weight, wagon types and load) as well as track profile and plan. System can control train automatically or gives recommendations for a driver.

All mission and loco parameters store by event recorder into special flash- drive. Also all those parameters can be sent to remote server by GSM network.